Produced by Fortunate Fall Records
Written, Directed, Filmed, and Edited by Jeremiah Warren


Audrey Assad is a singer-songwriter and contemporary Christian music artist in Nashville, TN. In 2010 her debut album was released through Sparrow Records, a division of Universal Music Group. It went on to be named the Christian Breakthrough Album of the Year on iTunes. She has worked and toured with other CCM artists such as Chris Tomlin, Tenth Avenue North, Matt Maher and Jars of Clay.


Audrey's current label, Fortunate Fall Records had requested music video pitches for her performance of Be Thou My Vision. I submitted a visual and text treatment for the song and she personally selected my pitch.


I was the director of this project, and because of the budget constraints I was also the director of photographer and editor. I worked with Greyson MacAlpine to plan out the wardrobe. On set I had the help of two production assistants. The only other people on location were 7 extras, the main actress, and a friend of mine that owned the property we filmed on.


One of the visual ideas I had as I was writing my original pitch was a bonfire and a woman carrying a torch. I didn't quite know how they would fit into the "narrative" of the story, but those were two elements I wanted to include.

As I was researching the history of the hymn I found out that the tune is from an Irish folk song called "Slane" that was written in honor of St. Patrick. The story goes that during a Druidic Holiday it was declared by the Druid King that no fires were to be lit until the fire on top of a hill was set ablaze.

This Holiday happened to fall during Easter. In defiance of the King, St. Patrick set out to another hill and lit a candle to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. The King was so impressed by the bravery of St. Patrick that he allowed him to continue his missionary work in Ireland.

After I read this, I knew I had my story. 

Styling by Greyson MacAlpine
Location Provided by Andy Entrekin

Production Assistants
Suzannah Rotenberry
Michael Wyrosdick

Ericka Desouza
Gina T. 
Christina Zabala
Jamie Nicole Russell
Lexi Kwak
Candice Guevara
Ricky Jordan