Directed by Jeremiah Warren
Produced by Dann Petty

In May I started production on a series with Dann Petty. It’s currently an on-going project, but since the teaser has been released I wanted to detail my process for this series.

I directed and edited each video in the series. So far I've traveled to San Francisco, North Carolina, Austin, and Dallas to interview various individuals in the design industry.

Typically, I would arrive at the location to film and chat with the person I was interviewing while picking out a spot to film and unloading my equipment.The interviews were filmed on two Sony A7S II cameras. I prefer the Canon C300 Mark II for documentary work, but the A7S II was chosen for portability and price.

The interview would last between an hour to an hour and 40 minutes. I went into the interview having a list of questions and sometimes I would come up with additional questions if there was a topic I wanted to explore further. After finishing the interview I would spend 30–45 minutes filming b-roll. I tried to get 3–5 key scenes of the subject doing something in their home or office so that I could tell a story through the b-roll. I didn’t want it to just be random shots.

From there I would edit the episodes within Premiere. Each episode took me about 5 days to edit into an 8-12 minute segment. I also had to sound mix and color grade every episode.

In addition to directing the episodes, I also took portraits of everyone I interviewed. These would be used as part of the website design and for the video thumbnails. I would bring a small portable speedlight with a softbox modifier so that I could capture a quick photograph after the interview was concluded. This was one of my favorite parts of the process. I really enjoyed capturing the personality of everyone I interviewed.