Tommy Hilfiger

Directed by Jeremiah Warren
Produced by Springable



This was a project for Tommy Hilfiger promoting their new line, Tommy Adaptive. It's a clothing collection for adults and children, featuring innovative design solutions that alleviate dressing difficulties for those with physical constraints.


I was responsible for filming and directing a video for integration into Tommy Hilfiger's social media and website.


The filming took place at the home of the family being featured in the story. We had an entire afternoon with them, so myself and the rest of the team had ample time to plan out locations and a shot list. The team at Springable was also doing a photo shoot in conjunction with the video I was filming, so I coordinated around their photography setups to capture footage.

My final deliverable was a 50-second video for the Tommy Hilfiger website and a 15-second video that was published on their social media accounts.